About the RDW

The RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority and as such oversees Connected automated vehicle processes related to the vehicle domain.

As a governmental organisation we serve public interests. Our wide-ranging expertise comes from a long track record carrying out statutory and commissioned tasks. This includes tasking in the area of admittance of vehicles and vehicle components, supervision and enforcement, registration, providing information and issuing documents. The RDW carries out these tasks in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain.

The Dutch government sees the potential of Connected automated vehicles and is investing in these systems. As Netherlands Vehicle Authority the RDW takes a leading role around developing and implementing Connected automated vehicle regulations. To this end the RDW seeks to enable practical testing. Connected automated vehicles can contribute to public interests, such as:

  • reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries;
  • improved utilisation of road capacity;
  • reduction of Co2 emissions and energy consumption;
  • faster response by emergency services;
  • reducing insecurity around travel.

The ongoing gathering of knowledge on the operation of new technologies like Connected automated vehicles, is a RDW priority. Among other things this enables the development of new and accurate admittance regulations. The RDW proactively seeks cooperation with partners who want to develop and practically test Connected automated vehicles.

Potential cooperation?

For specific questions on openings for cooperation in the area of Connected automated vehicles please contact our experts by using our contact form

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