Admittance procedure Connected automated vehicle

Vehicles with new, often unproved, Connected automated vehicles, do not comply with relevant (European) legislation and regulations. Hence, these vehicles are not permitted to go out on the public road. The admittance procedure Connected automated vehicles does offer the opportunity of practically testing these new vehicle technologies and functionalities out on the public road. Even so, the vehicles must comply with a number of current requirements. Among other things this means that road holding and steering must be comparable with a ‘normal’ vehicle of similar dimensions and weight.

Customisation for Connected automated vehicle testing

RDW - the Netherlands Vehicle Authority - proactively seeks cooperation with partners who aim to develop, test – and road-test - these smart technologies. To enable the safe testing of intelligent systems on Dutch roads the RDW has developed the admittance procedure Connected automated vehicles, with input from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the national aerospace laboratory NLR, and Delft University of Technology.

Stages in the admittance procedure

The admittance procedure Connected automated vehicles is based on a method whereby confidence is accrued gradually, step by step and in a repetitive manner. It is based on a wide-ranging risk analysis. Before permitting practical road testing, the RDW checks all applications of new technologies and functionalities, step by step:

  1. Intake 
  2. Desk research
  3. Testing on a closed proven ground
  4. Admittance based on an exemption

The admittance procedure Connected automated vehicles evaluates the correct operation of new technologies and functionalities in vehicles. Confidence in the safe and functional operation must be clearly demonstrated here. The written evaluation and risk analysis is followed by testing on a secure track. This must comply with certain conditions and requires an exemption.

Getting practical experience with Connected automated vehicles?

For practical experience with Connected automated vehicles go to the web page ‘Application for practical experience Connected automated vehicles’, where you can make an application. If you have specific questions about the admittance procedure or submitting an application, our experts will be happy to discuss matters. Please contact them by using our contact form

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