Application practical experience Connected automated vehicle

The admittance procedure Connected automated vehicle is used to apply for practical tests on public roads, using new technologies and functionalities in vehicles.


If you are interested, please fill in our contact form. Here you can check all significant information around the admittance procedure Connected automated vehicle. 

Turn-around time application

From the time you submit an application it can take between 3 and 6 months before you can actually carry out a test.

Costs of application

The applicant pays:

  • the costs of evaluation of the application and the information you supply,
  • test operations, and
  • where relevant, the hire of the RDW test centre in Lelystad.

The rates charged by the RDW are set out in the ‘Regeling Tarieven Dienst Wegverkeer 2015 (ministerial decree)'.

Questions around application for practical experience Connected automated vehicles?

If you have specific questions about the admittance procedure Connected automated vehicle and the application, our experts will be happy to discuss matters. Please contact us by using our contact form.

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