International relations and the EU

Although the Netherlands is just a speck on the globe, RDW plays a significant role in the field of international, including European, policy and regulations. It is a unique organisation in Europe: RDW is not only the national vehicle and driving licence registration authority. In addition, it is also a type-approval authority and it manages periodic technical inspections. Therefore RDW performs public tasks in the entire motor vehicle life cycle. RDW also plays an active role in a number of European organisations and networks.
  • RDW is willing to share information and knowledge. It is open to cooperation in European projects and networks, and exchanges knowledge on a bilateral basis with EU Member States, future Member States, and other countries.
  • RDW plays an active role in the umbrella organization for European vehicle and driving licence registration authorities (EReg). EReg is the European Association of Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authorities. RDW is currently chair and secretary of this association. EReg allows RDW and sister organisations in Europe to share knowledge through collaboration on various subjects. For more information, go to
  • EUCARIS is a treaty organisation and IT Data Exchange Platform, originally set up by RDW together with 4 other

    European Registration Authorities. Enabling all EU and EFTA countries to exchange mobility and transport-related information. For more information, go to


  • As part of its drive to share knowledge and provide input, RDW is a member of:

    RDW also participates in:

    TAAM ( Type approval authorities meeting)


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