Organisational structure

The two-person board of our organisation consists of a general manager and a director of operations. The supervisory board consists of 5 members. It plays it supervisory role independently of the management and the minister. It also assists the management by providing advice.

Our organisation has 5 divisions and 8 staff departments:

The Supervision & Assessment Division (T&B)

This division focuses on supervision, accreditations and individual inspections. T&B has 16 inspection stations and an APK centre in Zwolle. The division supervises all Approval holders (vehicle companies that are approved for, for example, carrying out the APK) all over the country. T&B is located in the head office in Zoetermeer.

The Vehicle Regulation & Admission Division (VRT)

This division has tasks in the area of regulation at national and international level, testing and type approval of vehicle (parts). The division facilitates experimental legislation and exemptions for, for example, special transports. VRT is located in the head office in Zoetermeer, our Test Center in Lelystad and at various national and international locations.

The ICT Division

This division provides for the fundamental need of our organisation for modern and tried ICT facilities to support and innovate business processes and services. ICT is located at our location in Groningen.

The Registration & Information Division (R&I)

This division has a directing role in the vehicle and driving licence chain and has a supporting role in the enforcement chain. R&I manages registers that have to do with mobility. The best known registers are the vehicle registration number and driving licence register, the National Parking Register and the Insurance Register. R&I is located in Veendam, where the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence and Expertise Centre (LIV) is also located.

The Toll Collection Division

This division is in charge of two forms of toll collection that the central government is introducing in the Netherlands: Temporary Toll Charge on the Blankenburg Connection (expected by 2024), and possibly the ViA15, and goods-vehicle toll on the main road network (expected by 2026).

Staff departments (Staff)

The staff deperments contribute with their expertise to achieving our objectives and thus support the divisions and management. The 8 staff departments are:

  • Facilities Management (FB);
  • Human Resources (HR);
  • Legal and Administrative Affairs (JBZ);
  • Finance & Control (F&C);
  • Communication Department (COM);
  • Management staff (DS);
  • Strategy and Environment (SeO);
  • Risk, Compliance & Audit (RCA).

The staffs are located at the main locations in Zoetermeer and Veendam.

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