The RDWs digital service provision

The RDW's websites use cookies. These are small, simple text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or cell phone when you visit the RDW’s websites. If you visit the website again using the same device, the information in these files is consulted, so that the RDW recognises you.

Three types of cookies are used:

  1. Necessary cookies Some cookies are necessary to enable a better functioning It means you do not need to re-enter certain information each time, such as your user name and preferences.   
  2. Cookies that improve the website In addition to necessary cookies, the RDW uses cookies to make the website better and more user-friendly. These are so-called tracking cookies. The information these cookies collect is used to investigate how the website can be improved. These cookies are used to follow visitors’ browsing behavior. The data used cannot be traced back to an individual person. The cookies are not used by parties other than the RDW. You can block the placing of cookies. You configure this via your browser's privacy settings. Refusing cookies could result in you no longer being able to use all the functionalities of the website, however.  
  3. Cookies from third-party websites In certain sections of the RDW websites, cookies are placed by third-party websites. These are convenient extra features: such as a Google map with interactive directions, a Facebook “like” button or the possibility of re-tweeting something. Because of these cookies, the website you are viewing “knows” whether you are logged into Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Tracking pixels

A tracking pixel is a pixel that is incorporated in an element of a web page and can be used to record someone's browsing behavior. The RDW does not use tracking pixels to share the browsing behavior of website visitors with other parties. Tracking pixels are exclusively used to ensure specific functionality is working properly within the RDW's website(s) (for instance, in checking whether a web form has been filled out and sent by the user).

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