Applying for a Driver Qualification Card

Are you a professional driver working but not living in the Netherlands? If so, you can get your Certificate of Professional Competence (code 95) in the Netherlands. Your employer will help you with this. Did you retrain in the Netherlands? If so, request a Qualification Card (proof of retraining) from us. You do this online.

  • Conditions

    • You have a Dutch employer.
    • You are not registered at an address in the Netherlands (in the Dutch Key Register of Persons).
    • You did your retraining in the Netherlands.

      Not done a retraining course yet? Visit the CBR website to check where you can do retraining courses. Ask your employer for help. Have you completed all the training hours? The CBR will then register the certificate in the Central Driving Licence Register. After this registration, you request a Qualification Card.

    Passport photo and application number

    Get a passport photo taken before you request a Qualification Card. This is how to do this:

    1. Go to an RDW-approved photographer (a local photographer with RDW approval) or photo booth. Find an approved photographer with the RDW location guide.
    2. Get your passport photo taken and place your signature. This signature will also be shown on the Qualification Card.
    3. You will receive an application number by e-mail and/or text message. You need this number for the online application.
    4. The photographer sends us a digital and encrypted copy of your passport photo and signature. Within a few minutes, you receive an e-mail and/or text message from us. This confirms that we have received your passport photo and provides your application number.
    1. You have had a passport photograph taken by an approved photographer. Have you not done this yet? Then you should first read the information under ‘What you need to know first’.
    2. Go to the online application form 'Request Qualification Card'.  
    3. Fill in the details and say where you wish to collect the Qualification Card.
    4. Pay the fee. This can also be done by an automated transfer (direct debit). You can find further information under ‘Fees’.
    5. We will assess your application within 10 working days. Application approved? You will receive an e-mail telling you that your Qualification Card is ready and where you can collect it.
    6. Collect your Qualification Card from the selected RDW location. No appointment is required. Take your ID and (foreign) driving licence with you. Do you have a previously issued Qualification Card? If so, hand it in.
  • Description Cost
    Request Qualification Card €57,00
    You can do this by direct debit or by transferring the amount to bank account IBAN NL 25 ABNA 0477 2566 00 stating RDW. Also give your surname and date of birth. Are you paying from abroad? In that case, use the BIC code ABNANL2A and the International Banking Code NL 25 ABNA 0477 2566 00.
  • Qualification Card front side

    Qualification Card backside

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