Foreign driving licence lost or stolen

Have you lost your foreign driving licence? Where the driving licence was issued determines what you should do.
  • Did you lose your driving licence and was this driving licence issued in an EU or EFTA country, Aruba or the former Netherlands Antilles? Follow these steps:

    1. Bring a Dutch police report to the town hall of the municipality where you are registered or apply at your municipality for a statement of loss.
    2. Bring a colour passport photo, a valid ID and a statement of authenticity. You can apply for a statement of authenticity to the foreign authority who has issued the driving licence.
    3. The municipality will forward your application to us. We will assess your application. Application approved? Then you will receive a letter telling you that you can pick up the driving licence at your municipality.
  • Have you lost your driving licence that was issued in a country outside the EU or EFTA, and not being Aruba or former Netherlands Antilles? Then you have to apply for a new driving licence in the country where the last driving licence was issued. This does not work? Then you will have to retake a driving test in the Netherlands.

    Did you have a Dutch driving licence in the past that was valid after June 30, 1985? Then it is possible to exchange your driving licence. Please contact our customer service for more information.

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