Apply for Dutch driving licence after loss or stolen

Have you lost your Dutch driving licence, has it been stolen or is someone misusing it? You must apply for a new driving licence, to your municipality or to us. That depends on where you live.
  • You can only apply for a Dutch driver's licence under the following conditions:

    • You have an EU nationality.
    • You live in the Netherlands and you are registered with a Dutch municipality or
    • You live in a country outside the EU and you have a Dutch correspondence address (we do not send mail to an address outside the Netherlands)
    • Go to your municipality and apply for a new driving licence there. Have you not yet reported the loss to us? You can also do this at the municipality.
    • Bring a colour passport photo.  Check the photo matrix for requirements.
    • Bring a valid ID.
  • Do you live in an EU or EFTA country? You cannot apply for a Dutch driving licence. Apply for a driving licence in the country where you live. You will probably need a certificate of authenticity.
  • This is how you apply for a new driving licence if you live in a country outside the EU.

    1. Ask us for an application form: Request application form new driving licence.
    2. We will send the form to your Dutch correspondence address as soon as possible.
    3. Report your driving licence missing or stolen online. For more information, see 'Reporting loss, theft or misuse of the Dutch driving licence'. This does not work? Then fill in a Statement of loss.
    4. Send the form together with a colour passport photo ( check photo matrix for requirements), a copy of a valid passport or ID and of the Dutch driving licence to RDW, Unit Rijbewijzen, Postbus 9000, 9640 HA Veendam.
    5. Pay the fees. You can also pay through direct debit. You can find more information under 'Fees'.
    6. We will process your application and assess it within 10 working days. Application approved? Then we will send the driving licence to the correspondence address in the Netherlands you have given us. If we cannot issue the driving licence, we will send you a letter.
  • Application to the municipality

    You pay the municipality the fees for a new driving licence. Your municipality can give you more information about this.

    Application to the RDW

    Description Cost
    Driving licence application for Dutch citizens living abroad €36,40

    If you live in a country outside the EU, you pay the fees for a new driving licence to us. You can pay by direct debit or transfer the amount to account number 47 72 56 600 - IBAN NL NL25 ABNA 0477 2566 00 in the name of RDW. With your payment, you state:

    • your driving licence number
    • your personal details

    Do you pay the fees from abroad? Specify in your payment the BIC code ABNANL2A and the International Banking Code NL25ABNA0477256600.

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