Renewing your Dutch driving licence from abroad

Do you want to renew your Dutch driving licence from abroad? This is how it goes.
  • You can renew a Dutch driving licence from abroad under the following conditions:

    • You live in a country outside the EU/EFTA
    • You are not registered at an address in the Netherlands.
    • You have the nationality of an EU/EFTA country.
    • You must provide us with a Dutch correspondence address. We do not send mail to an address abroad.

    European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway

    Do you live in a EU/EFTA country? Then you cannot renew your Dutch driving licence. You must exchange your driving licence in the country where you live. 
    Exceptions apply to students. For more information, please contact our customer service.

  • How to renew your driving licence

    1. Ask us for an application form: Request application form new driving licence. We will send the application form as soon as possible to your correspondence address in the Netherlands.
    2. Fill in the original form (not a copy) and send it back to us, together with:
    3. Are you a student? In that case, you must also send us:
      • proof of registered address abroad
      • proof of enrolment at the foreign school
      • proof of personal connection with the Netherlands
    4. In some situations you need a health certificate from CBR. For example, if you have a truck driving licence or if you are over a certain age. For more information, go to the website of CBR.
    5. Pay the fees. You can find more information under 'Fees'.
    6. We will process your application and assess it within 10 working days. Application approved? Then we will send the driving licence in 5 working days to the correspondence address in the Netherlands you have given us.
  • Pay the fees for a new driving licence by direct debit or by transferring the amount to account number NL25ABNA0477256600 in the name of RDW. State the payment reference (you can find this reference on the application form).

    Do you pay the fees from abroad? Specify in your payment the BIC code ABNANL2A and the International Banking Code NL25ABNA0477256600.
    Description Cost
    Driving licence application for Dutch citizens living abroad €36,40
  • Do you want to renew your driving licence from abroad and do you have a category C or D licence? Then you need to get a medical exam done by a doctor from CBR. This is not always easy to arrange from abroad. Ask CBR for advice.

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