Renewing a Dutch driving licence online if you live in the Netherlands

Is your driving licence expiring soon or do you want to add another category to your driving licence? And do you live in one of the municipalities where you can renew online? Then take a look at how you can renew or extend your driving licence online with us.
If you cannot or don't want to renew online, go to the municipality where you are registered.

  • Requirements

    • You have a Dutch driving licence.
    • You want to renew your driving licence or to add categories to your licence.
    • You are registered in a municipality where you can renew your driving licence online. To see if online renewal is possible where you are registered, check "Participating municipalities" on this page.
    • You added the ID-check to your DigiD app. Or you have a Dutch identity card with PIN and the DigiD app. Visit the website of DigiD for more information.

    If not all the requirements are met, you cannot renew your driving licence online. In that case, go to the municipality where you are registered.

    Health certificate

    In some situations you need a health certificate from CBR. For example, if you have a truck driving licence or if you are over a certain age. For more information, go to the website of CBR.

    Driving licence lost or stolen

    Have you lost your driving licence or has it been stolen? You cannot renew online in that case. You can report the loss or theft to us online (go to the topic "driving licence lost or stolen). Next, go to your municipality to apply for a new driving licence.

    Driving licence expired

    If your driving licence has expired, you do not have to retake the driving test. You can renew your driving licence online or at the town hall. Driving licence issued after 1 October 2006? You can renew your driving licence online. Driving licence issued before 1 October 2006? Go to the town hall of your municipality.

  • Check whether your municipality participates via the municipality finder (only available in Dutch). Your municipality is not listed? Then you cannot renew online yet. Go to the town hall to renew your driving licence. A growing number of municipalities offer the possibility of online renewal. Check this every now and then.
    1. Have a new passport photo taken in a photo booth or by a photographer recognised by us. You cannot use a passport photo that you already have. Bring your current driving licence (or driving licence number). You can find a recognised photographer or photo booth with the RDW location finder (only available in Dutch).
    2. The photographer sends us your passport photo and your signature (which will be printed on your new driving licence) in a secured digital procedure. A few minutes later you will receive an e-mail from us. In this e-mail, we let you know if your photo has been approved and if you can renew your driving licence online. Approval of your photo does not mean that you have applied for renewal. To apply for renewal, go to step 3.
    3. You have the DigiD app with ID-check (for more information, see "What you need to know first').
    4. Apply for your driving licence using the button "Renew driving licence" (only available in Dutch)
    5. Pay the fees via IDEAL.
    6. You will receive an e-mail 2 working days after your application that your new driving licence is ready.
    7. Check the website of your municipality to see if you need to make an appointment to collect your driving licence. Bring your current driving licence. You will not get it back.

    Please note: Collect your driving licence within 3 months. You cannot collect it anymore after 3 months. In that case, you must apply again.

  • Please note. Besides these fees, you pay the photographer for the passport photo and for processing the signature.

    Description Cost
    Renewing a Dutch driving licence online €51,11
  • Do you have problems while applying for renewal? Please contact our Customer Service. For questions about logging in with your DigiD please contact DigiD.

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