How to register a foreign vehicle to apply for an exemption

Would you like to apply for an exemption for a vehicle that is not registered in the Netherlands? Then have the vehicle registered with us first. You do this online.
    • Your vehicle has one vehicle identification number (VIN).

      Does your vehicle consist of several parts that have their own VIN? Online registration is not possible. Ask for a SERT document from the manufacturer. Send us a copy via [email protected]. We will then register your vehicle under the SERT number.
  • Do you want to register a vehicle with multiple VIN numbers? You cannot do that online. Find out what to do under 'What you need to know first'.

    1. Register your vehicle via the 'Register foreign vehicle' button.
    2. Fill in the details and add a copy of the foreign vehicle registration document.
    3. Is not all the information you entered on the vehicle registration document? Then add additional information. For example a Certificate Of Conformity (C.O.C.) or a document with additional technical data issued by an official body.
    4. We do our best to review your request within 5 working days. Application approved? You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
    5. You can now request an exemption based on the VIN number.
    • You only need to register once. We use this information to issue the exemption you are applying for now and also for future applications.
    • The documents you submit must be in Dutch, German or English. Do you have documents in another language? Then we can request a translation made by a certified translator.
    • Do you have any questions or would you like a more extensive manual in Dutch, German or English? Please contact the Exemptions department via [email protected].      

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