Requesting or amending an account for exemptions

To apply for an exemption, you need a customer number. In addition, you also need the Crosweb certificate for submitting your application online. You can apply for both on a single form that can also be used for submitting amendments.

    1. Use the ‘Request or amend account’ button and state whether you need a customer number, a Crosweb certificate or both. (This form is only available in Dutch)
    2. We will send you your customer number by e-mail within 2 working days.
    3. You will receive a USB stick by post containing the Crosweb certificate within 5 working days. The corresponding installation PIN code will be sent separately, also by post.
    4. Once you have received everything, you can submit your request.
    • One-off exemptions can best be requested through the Digital Road Map for Exemptions (DWO). You can then indicate your preferred route directly. Read: Requesting a one-off exemption.
    • You can apply for annual exemptions and exceptional transport exemptions directly in the Crosweb application. Read: Request an annual exemption or an exceptional transport exemption.
    • For the time being, you can only request agricultural vehicle exemptions using a form. You will need your customer number when you do that. Read: Requesting an exemption for an agricultural vehicle (Aanvragen ontheffing landbouwvoertuig). Only available in Dutch. 

    Tip: a single certificate is sufficient

    You can use the certificate for multiple users and install it on multiple laptops and PCs. We issue the certificate for the organisation, not for one specific person within the organisation.

    • Use the ‘Create or amend account’ button to state that you want to amend the details.
    • You will receive confirmation of the change by e-mail within 2 working days.

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