Fled from Ukraine with your vehicle

Have you fled from Ukraine to our country and took your car? Here you can read what is important.  

  • You can decide to keep the Ukrainian registration plate. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I and W) is currently working out whether you can keep the Ukrainian registration plate while the EU temporary protection directive applies (only available in Dutch).

    You can also apply for a Dutch registration number. To do so, you must be registered in the Dutch Basic Registration of Persons.

  • You can apply for a Dutch registration number for your vehicle. You can only do this in the following cases:

    • You must be registered in the Basic Registration of Persons.
    • You must be able to identify yourself with a valid Ukrainian passport.
      If you do not have a valid passport anymore, we will request additional documents from the Ukrainian Embassy.
    • Your vehicle must meet the technical requirements.
    • For a Dutch registration number you will have to go to an RDW inspection station or to our location in Lelystad for an additional inspection (RDW = Netherlands Vehicle Authority).
      More information about the procedure.

    Once the vehicle has a Dutch registration plate, there are certain obligations (see under Obligations).

  • Obligations for vehicles with Dutch registration plate

    Once the vehicle has a Dutch registration plate, there are certain obligations. Obligations for a car:

    • Insurance requirement
    • General Periodic Inspection (APK)
    • Payment of motor vehicle taxes

    See also: Obligations for car owners.

    Obligations for vehicles with Ukrainian registration plates


    Ukrainian vehicles in the Netherlands must be insured. Ukraine also provides green cards for insured vehicles. The insurers providing green cards in Ukraine still do so. This means Ukrainian insurers can renew car insurance policies.
    Should this still not be possible, then the Vereende can provide a solution.
    See also: Answers parliamentary questions on the automobility of refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands (Dutch).

    Motor vehicle tax

    People who fled Ukraine because of the war ("displaced persons") and drive a vehicle with Ukrainian registration plates will not have to pay motor vehicle tax (mrb) until March 3, 2024. They will receive an exemption from passenger car and motorcycle tax (bpm).
    This is in line with the European customs duty exemption scheme. (See also: Temporarily no mrb and bpm for displaced persons from Ukraine - belastingdienst)

    APK (PTI)

    There is no PTI requirement for passenger vehicles in Ukraine. Vehicles with Ukrainian registration plates in the Netherlands do not require PTI inspection. That does not mean that vehicles do not have to meet the technical requirements. The police will check vehicles.
    The APK is only for vehicles registered in the Netherlands with Dutch registration numbers.

  • Do you have a Ukrainian driving licence? On the website of Rijksoverheid (Dutch) you will find more information on the use of Ukrainian driving licenses.

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