Developments that set our agenda in 2023

Today is Prinsjesdag, the day that the government presents the new plans to the Netherlands. The RDW is also looking ahead on this day. In the publication Developments 2023, we outline the national and international developments in mobility that will determine our agenda for the coming period. These developments often also influence the business operations and services of our partners. That is why we give an overview every year.

From recycling to toll collection

The developments are classified according to the strategic pillars of RDW: safety, sustainability and legal certainty. Think of the developments for the authorisation framework for light electric vehicles, new guidelines for reuse and recycling (End-of-life directive), enabling a national type approval for mobile machines, the development of the new Toll Collection Division, our contribution to tackling vehicle crime, improving the (online) services and the enforcement of the insurance obligation for Slow Moving Vehicles.

Customer friendly services

In the midst of all kinds of uncertainties in today's world, RDW is committed to providing simple and customer-friendly services. "We are not a commercial company, we perform a legal task. That means that there are limits to how we can adapt to customer needs,” says Jantina Woudstra. She has been the general director of RDW since 1 April 2022. “At the same time, we do have the ambition to make and keep our services as accessible as possible. We do this by keeping the processes as simple as possible, so that everyone can understand, and by organising support where it is needed. Now that's a customer-friendly approach.”