From 1 July 2022, agricultural vehicles need to have a registration certificate

From 1 July, (agricultural) tractors, mobile machines, motor vehicles with limited speed (MMBS) and towed equipment are only allowed on the road with a registration certificate. These are vehicles with a maximum construction speed of more than 25 km/h. These vehicles must be registered with us. (Agricultural) construction vehicles that take to the road without a registration certificate risk a fine.

Mandatory registration number plate

A registration number plate is mandatory on (agricultural) construction vehicles that go faster than 25 km/h. A registration number plate is also mandatory for (agricultural) construction vehicles that need an exemption. In addition, the (towing) vehicle must be registered with the insurer on registration.

Leniency arrangement

In 2021, it was possible to apply for registration online for (agricultural) vehicles. The number of registrations was almost 200,000 higher than expected and a large part of the applications were made in the last months of 2021. That is why not all applications could be processed before 1 January and a leniency arrangement still applied until 1 July. More than 700,000 registration numbers have been issued by now.

No registration certificate

If you drive your (agricultural) construction vehicle and cannot show a registration certificate during a check, you risk a fine of 410 euros. See the article 'Five questions and answers about the registration requirement for agricultural vehicles' on the website of the Public Prosecution Service.