Inspection after scooter to moped conversion: Wait until next year

From 1 January 2023, all scooter riders and their passengers are required to wear a helmet. We expect that because of this measure, large numbers of scooter riders will want to have their vehicle converted to a moped. This requires a conversion inspection. If you are planning to convert your scooter, we advise you to wait until next year.

The conversion from scooter* to moped is not mandatory, for that matter. After the helmet has become mandatory, it is still possible to use a scooter as a means of transport. You only need to wear a helmet.

From 2023, faster inspection at RDW-approval holders

We advise you to wait, because from 1 January 2023 you can (in most cases) go to an RDW approval holder for this conversion inspection. These approval holders will most likely be able to help you sooner than an RDW inspection station. There is also a better chance that you will find an approval holder near you. At this moment, there are no companies that are allowed to perform these inspections. As soon as these companies are known, you can find them via the RDW location finder (only in Dutch).

Only scooters with European type approval

Approval holders are only allowed to carry out such a conversion inspection for scooters with a specific European type approval. From mid-October, you can check via the RDW registration number check whether your moped has the correct European type approval to be allowed to go to an approval holder. After you entered the vehicle registration number, you can find this information under "Can I go to an approval holder to change the speed of my scooter?" Yes or no.

The scooter may not have an 'impeding status', such as a driving ban or reported stolen. You can also find this out with the RDW registration number check.

No European type approval

Your scooter does not have the correct European type approval or it has an impeding status? Then you can make an appointment at an RDW inspection station for the conversion inspection. You can already do this now.

* A moped with a maximum construction speed of ≤ 25 km/h.