Online import process entirely through VIA service

From 12 September 2022, the forms for the online application for a vehicle registration number for imported vehicles will be discontinued. From that day on, companies with Stock in Trade recognition will also be able to request a vehicle registration number online with our Expedited Individual Application (VIA) service for vehicles previously registered in EU/EVA with a registration certificate without European type-approval information. The vehicles must meet certain conditions.

Physical check at the inspection station of your choice

As of 12 September, you can choose the RDW inspection station where you want to have the physical check of the vehicle done, if it shows after the online application that this check is necessary. You must make an appointment at the inspection station within 3 weeks. This used to be within 8 weeks.

Other vehicles back to inspection stations

For vehicles that do not meet the conditions, you must make another appointment at an RDW inspection station. This applies for example to vehicles originating from the Domains or new and unused vehicles with CvO/IGC. You can read the amended conditions and the temporary import procedure policy on our website from 12 September 2022.