RDW selected VITRONIC to supply Observation Services for truck toll

After a European Tender process, VITRONIC has been awarded by RDW to supply the observation service for truck toll. Before the truck toll takes effect in 2026, VITRONIC will supply and install observation equipment, software and data processing to enable RDW to check if trucks comply with the toll regulations. VITRONIC will also provide all related services to RDW for a period of at least 10 years.

International experience

Starting in 2026, when the truck toll is implemented in the Netherlands, all trucks operating within the country must be equipped with functioning on-board units (OBUs). These devices record the kilometers driven on tolled roads.

To ensure proper usage, VITRONICs equipment will verify that passing trucks have operational OBUs. This process involves using ANPR cameras to recognize license plates, DSRC antennas to read the settings of the OBUs, and image recognition software to identify trucks. VITRONIC's equipment, software and services are proven and reliable, backed by years of experience in several European countries.

61 portals

In addition to supplying all the necessary equipment, VITRONIC is also responsible for its installation. This will take place on 61 gantries already positioned above roads within the established charging network. Additionally, to ensure trucks comply with regulations outside this network, VITRONIC will provide and operate around thirty mobile cameras for inspections at various locations throughout the Netherlands.

European tender

The award to VITRONIC is the outcome of a European Tender.

"After a thorough evaluation, we chose VITRONIC," says Zeger Baelde, RDW Operations Director. "It's crucial that we depend on reliable technology, and we are confident that VITRONIC is the right partner for this."

“We are very proud that RDW has selected us as contractor for the supply and operation of the Observation System. We are convinced to deliver a first-class technical solution and to provide an optimal service,” said Michael Leyendecker, Director Sales Tolling Europe.

Truck toll implementation set for 2026

The Netherlands will introduce truck toll in 2026. Similar to neighboring countries, truck owners will pay a fee based on the kilometers driven on highways and certain provincial and local main roads. The toll rate will be lower for trucks with lower emissions. Upon implementation, motor vehicle taxes will be significantly reduced, and the Eurovignette will be discontinued. The net proceeds from this levy will be allocated to subsidies for the sustainability and innovation of road transport.