Logging on with a European login instrument (eIDAS)

A number of online services at RDW are accessible to citizens from European countries. To use these services, citizens can log on with their own country’s national login instrument. This is a consequence of the European Commission’s eIDAS regulation (Electronic Identification and Trust Services). The regulation makes it mandatory for public and private organisations with a public service task to accept European certified login instruments for their digital services. In this way, the European Union wants to make it easier and safer for European citizens to regulate their affairs online.

Logging on with eIDAS at RDW

For some RDW services, EU residents can log on with a European login instrument. To do this, go to the service you want to use. On the service page, the eIDAS login screen is displayed automatically when you click on the link to use the service with eIDAS.

Logo Eidas

Available services

This is available for the following services:

Please note: The information to which you are referred is unfortunately mostly only available in Dutch.

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