Car abroad and PTI

If you are planning to go abroad for some time and intend to take your car with you, make sure that your car has a valid PTI during that period. Make sure to always take the inspection report along. You must be able to show the inspection report, for example if you are stopped by the police. If you are going abroad you must have your vehicle be PTI inspected before you go. You may not drive your vehicle without a valid PTI, in the Netherlands or abroad. It is not possible to postpone the PTI. The only countries where you can have a PTI inspection performed on your vehicle outside the Netherlands are Spain and Belgium. There are no other options in Europe for a PTI inspection of a vehicle registered in the Netherlands.
    • PTI inspections in Spain are based on Spanish regulations. Different inspection requirements apply than for the PTI in the Netherlands. Check this at the location of your choice.
    • Make sure you have the original registration certificate with you.
    • If your vehicle is registered as a taxi in the Netherlands, you cannot have a PTI inspection performed in Spain.
    • Make sure that you receive the Dutch language inspection report along with the Spanish report. The PTI will not be valid without the Dutch report.
    • You cannot file an objection with us if you do not agree with the result of the inspection.

    Tips for making an appointment online

    • Spanish telephone numbers are always 9 digits.
    • Enter your mobile number without the 0 in front.
    • Enter the 'date-first-registered' on a Spanish form with a slash between the numbers. In other words, not 20-9-2019, but 20/9/2019.


    TUV Rheinland  
    Make an appointment online on the TUV Rheinland website.
    Polígono Industrial Sant Mame
    Calle Amposta, 2
    08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès
    Telephone: +34 902 790 791 or +34 936 756 901
    Fax: +34 935 900 113


    Make an appointment online at the PTI station of your choice.
    Polígono Industrial San Pedro de Alcántara,
    parcela 25
    29670 Marbella
    Telephone: +34 955 044 070 or +34 951 216 991
    Fax: +34 951 506 018


    Make an appointment online at the PTI station of your choice.
    Carretera Almería 
    Km. 1,3
    18600 Motril
    Telephone: +34 955 044 070 or +34 958 109 078 
    Fax: +34 958 948 061


    Make an appointment online at the PTI station of your choice.
    Polígono Industrial El Pino.
    Calle Pino Central, parcela 16-18
    41016 Sevilla
    Telephone: +34 955 044 070 or +34 955 548 955
    Fax: +34 955 118 021

    • After the inspection you will receive a Dutch PTI report.

    Autoveiligheid NV. en Bureau voor Technische Controle NV.

    Head Office
    Lammerdries 7
    2440 GEEL

    Inspection centres

    BTC NV. Antwerpen Noorderlaan 34-36 2060 ANTWERPEN
    BTC NV. Brasschaat Sint-Jobsesteenweg 134 2930 BRASSCHAAT
    Autoveiligheid NV. Turnhout Veedijk 40 2300 TURNHOUT
    Autoveiligheid NV. As Lanklaarseweg 5 3668 AS
    Autoveiligheid NV. Hechtel-Eksel Eindhovensebaan 50 3941 HECHTEL-EKSEL

    S.B.A.T. NV.

    Head Office
    Poortakkerstraat 129

    Inspection centres

    S.B.A.T. NV. Stekene Industriezone Klein Akker Zavelstraat 25 9190 STEKENE
    S.B.A.T. NV. Eeklo Industrielaan 15 9900 EEKLO
    S.B.A.T. NV. Nazareth Industriepark “De Prijkels” Venecoweg 16 9810 NAZARETH

    Keuringsbureau Motorvoertuigen NV.

    Head Office
    Zandvoordestraat 442 A
    8400 OOSTENDE

    Inspection centres

    KM. NV. Oostende Zandvoordestraat 442 A 8400 OOSTENDE
    KM. NV. Brugge Kolvestraat 29 8000 BRUGGE
    KM. NV. Zwevegem Pluim 6 8550 ZWEVEGEM

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