Inspection report

After the periodic technical inspection of your vehicle, you will receive an inspection report. You will receive a report regardless of whether the vehicle passes or fails the inspection. If the vehicle passes the inspection, the inspection report will be valid until the expiry date (not including the expiry date). On the expiry date, you are only allowed to use the vehicle on public roads to have the periodic inspection carried out.

Required repairs, reasons for rejection and recommendations

On the inspection report, the inspector lists the repairs required, the reasons for rejecting the vehicle and any recommendations. Recommendations refer to defects that are not currently serious enough for the vehicle to fail the inspection, but which will require replacement or repair within the near future. If the vehicle has failed the inspection, the reasons for failure are listed in the report.

Make sure you always get the inspection report. You will need this if you want to appeal against the result of the inspection, for example. In some cases, you may also need it if you plan to drive the vehicle in a foreign country. In the Netherlands, you do not need to have the inspection report with you when driving. The police can digitally check whether a vehicle has passed its periodic technical inspection. 

  • If you have lost your (Dutch) PTI inspection report, you can request a copy of the PTI inspection report from the RDW or your garage for a fee. In the Netherlands, you no longer need to carry the inspection report with you. In other countries, it may still be required. 

    • Go to an RDW inspection station or RDW service desk or to the garage where the vehicle was inspected.
    • You must bring either the original paper Vehicle Registration Certificate (Part IA) or the vehicle registration certificate in credit card format (vehicle registration card).
    • You will immediately receive the copy of the PTI inspection report.

    Lost within 2 months

    Did you find out 2 months or less before the PTI expiry date that you have lost the inspection report? In this case, you will not need to request a new inspection report, but you can immediately have the vehicle inspected. The original expiry date, increased by 1 or 2 years will remain in force. If you have your vehicle inspected more than 2 months before the expiry date, the date of approval plus 1 or 2 years will be the new expiry date.


    If you request a copy of the PTI report from the vehicle company, this company will determine the price.

    Cost replacement report at RDW
    Description Cost
    Replacement inspection report €16,50
  • Is your vehicle PTI approved by us (e.g. during an import inspection or damage inspection) and did you not receive the PTI inspection report within 5 working days? Then you can report this to us. We will then send you another PTI inspection report.

    Is your vehicle PTI approved at a garage and did you not receive the PTI inspection report? Go back to the garage.

    Reporting to RDW

    You can indicate that you have not received the PTI inspection report by using the form 'niet ontvangen documenten' (documents not received). If everything is approved, we will send you a new PTI inspection report within 5 working days. 

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