Requesting a PTI inspection report

If you have lost your Dutch PTI inspection report, you can request a copy of the PTI inspection report from us or from your garage for a fee. In the Netherlands, you do not need to have the inspection report with you when driving. If you plan to go abroad, make sure to take the inspection report with you.
    1. Go to the garage where the vehicle was inspected or to an RDW inspection station or customer counters.
    2. Remember to take along: the original paper Vehicle Registration Certificate (Part IA) or the registration card.
    3. You will immediately be provided with a copy of the PTI inspection report.
  • Cost replacement report at RDW
    Description Cost
    Replacement inspection report €19,00

  • Did you find out 2 months or less before the PTI inspection that you have lost the inspection report? You don't have to request a new inspection report. You can have the PTI inspection performed. The PTI date will stay the same, increased by 1 or 2 years. 


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