Apply for Conformity of Production

Would you like to apply for type approval? If so, you must first demonstrate your ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and marking requirements outlined in the type approval documentation. To do so, please submit an application for Conformity of Production (CoP) to us.
    • You can apply for CoP after an informational interview with one of our inspectors.
    • Before the meeting with the inspector, read the information document and the policy rule. You can find these under More information.
    • Your application must include many documents. You will find a list of these documents on the application form. Please, provide correct and complete documents. This will speed up the application.
    • Send documents in PDF format only. Do not combine any documents. Use the document names as indicated in the application form.
  • Approval starts with an interview with one of our inspectors. During this interview, we will explain how the process works and discuss what to expect from each other.

    Requesting an introductory interview

    • You can request the interview in an email to [email protected]. Please include your contact information and product group in the email. We will contact you within one week to schedule an interview.
    • Please, review the information document and policy rule before the interview. You can find these under More information.
    • The interview must be attended by the person responsible within your company for conformity of production according to the legislation applicable.

    After the interview

    • After the interview we will mail you a report of the interview within one week.
    • You must apply for the initial assessment (IA) within 3 months of the interview.
  • After your successful introductory interview you can apply for an initial assessment (IA).

    1. Complete the form below and collect the required documents. The form lists the documents that are required.
    2. Send the completed form with the documents to [email protected].
    3. Within one week we will send you an audit plan and the date when we will review the documents.
    4. In case of a positive review, we will send you a 'Communication initial assessment' within one week. This is confirmation of your company approval. As of now, you can apply for type approvals.
    5. If you do not apply for any type approval or do not produce within two years after the company approval, the ‘Communication initial assessment’ as well as your company approval will expire.

    Did you not pass?

    Then the email will tell you what to do. You have 2 opportunities to take action and reapply. Should you fail these 2 opportunities, we are sorry to have to reject your application.

    On-site audit

    For some applications we may decide on an on-site audit. We will inform you about this in advance. After the on-site audit, we will send you a report.

    Starting the test procedure

    You may start the test procedure simultaneously with your application for IA. To do this, contact a technical service department. Continue reading at Testing and certification.

    • Within 12 months of the positive completion of the Initial Assessment, we will conduct an on-site audit. We will contact you for this purpose.
    • If Conformity of Production can be demonstrated during the audit, we will send you a ‘Compliance Statement’. This will replace the ‘Communication initial assessment’.
    • If you are not ready start production within 12 months, you can postpone this audit once. To do so, send an email to [email protected].
  • Your ‘Compliance Statement’ is valid for a maximum of 3 years. Before it expires, we will contact you about the extension. The following conditions apply to maintaining your company approval:
    • You have to ensure Conformity of Production.
    •  The products produced must comply with current legislation.
    • In case of any modifications you have to notify us in good time.
    • You have to cooperate with audits.
    • You have to pay our invoices on time.
  • Approval

    The cost of approval depends on several factors. Overall costs consist of:

    • Administrative review of the application
    • On-site audit (travel time, travel costs, accommodation costs)
    • Issue of 'Communication initial assessment'

    Maintenance and monitoring

    These are costs for a physical and or comprehensive administrative audit (Aplus). You will receive an annual invoice in March for maintenance fees.


    In the price list 2023 (pdf, 46kb) you will find the current rates.