Applying for National Type Approval for special mopeds

Do you want to produce new special mopeds? Then you must submit an application for a national type approval with us. Applications are accepted starting 1 January 2024. With the type approval, the vehicles can be used on public roads. They can be registered from January 1, 2025.
  • To obtain a national type approval, 3 conditions apply:

    1. The special moped cannot receive European type-approval (EU framework regulation No. 168/2013). 
    2. The special moped meets the technical requirements (explained in the admission framework in the Vehicle Regulations and the policy rules for special mopeds).
    3. You as a manufacturer meet a number of quality requirements.
  • This is how you apply for a national type-approval for a special moped:

    1. You indicate by e-mail that you want to apply for a national type-approval from us. 
    2. Please include the following information:
      • Your contact details.
      • That you submit an application for a national type approval for a special moped.
      • Please include as much documentation as possible of the vehicle for which you are applying.
    3. We register your registration. You will receive a confirmation by email within 2 weeks. We will then contact you about the next step.
  • Please note: The application consists of 2 parts. Therefore, please take note of the following:

    • Regarding the vehicle: We will make arrangements with you about the technical assessment of the vehicle that you are submitting the application for.
    • Regarding you as a manufacturer: Part of the application is our assessment of the Conformity of Production (CoP) with regards to the way you produce the vehicle. In addition to the technical assessment of the vehicle, you have to be admitted as a manufacturer of special mopeds. This is a requirement for national type approval to be issued to you.

    The first step of the application consists of an intake interview. In this conversation, we will discuss the process of the application, expectations, and confidentiality.

  • As an applicant, you have various obligations. This includes maintaining a quality system ensuring that all produced vehicles have the same quality as the approved vehicle. In addition, you have to report intended changes to the vehicle to us and maintain a register of produced vehicles. As an applicant, you are responsible for the safety of each vehicle. We supervise the production process.
  • The costs of testing or assessments of the application are borne by the applicant. The costs of the technical inspection of the vehicle, the assessment of the quality system, and the costs of supervision by the RDW are at the applicant’s expense as well. Such inspections are tailor-made, there are no fixed rates. The final costs will be calculated based on the current hourly rate, as published in the RDW's tariff decision.

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