How to obtain type approval

Before you can register and sell vehicles or parts in the Netherlands or other European countries, you must have a type approval. Type approvals mean that your production process and product meet legal safety requirements and environmental standards. You can apply for either the national or the European type approval.


  • You can only apply for type approvals if your company is approved by us. To be approved, you must demonstrate your ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and marking requirements outlined in the type approval documentation (Conformity of Production).
  • If you are approved, you can have your product tested by a designated technical service.
  • The technical service will prepare a test report to be reviewed by us. In case of a positive review, you will receive a type approval certificate.
  • After obtaining the type approval certificate, you can register your product in the Netherlands or one of the countries of the European Union or European Free Trade Association and sell it.

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