OTAS Online application for type-approvals

OTAS stands for Online Type-approval Application Services. This service will eventually make it possible to apply and assess type-approvals online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RDW assesses type-approval documents as an approval authority. Technical services appointed by RDW perform type-approval tests and provide the test report that is part of the type-approval document. A positive assessment of a type-approval document results in the issue of a type-approval certificate for vehicles, vehicle parts and systems. The idea of fully digitalizing this process arose a few years ago. This video explains the process. 

Start of R30 pilot

Digitalization of a type-approval process is exceedingly complex and requires that a system works 100% before it can be implemented. This is the reason why RDW has chosen to start with the digitalization of Regulation 30 (tyres for passenger cars). R30 is not too complex and a significant part of the issued type-approvals by RDW pertain to this regulation. In 2017 RDW started with providing information and organizing workshops for some of our major clients (technical services). During these workshops our clients got the chance to work hands-on with the system and to give us valuable feedback. Since then some of our clients have been providing us with test cases so that we could keep making improvements to the system.

Present day

After several months of testing and improving the system we have come to the point that we are confident enough to start using OTAS as the new way to assess R30 applications. Of course we will be intensively monitoring the system during startup. We believe that this new way of applying for R30 certificates will ensure a consistently high quality, will reduce lead times and will save all parties concerned a lot of time.

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