Application Component Type-approval service

The Application Component Type-approval service (ACT) is part of OTAS and enables applicants to create a digital application for an R30 type-approval. This can then be sent to the RDW, where the application is assessed much more efficient, leading to faster issuing of the certificate.


An application for an R30 type-approval requires a large number of properties and test results to be provided. ACT allows the user to specify values for each attribute. To this end, the attributes are grouped by topic and for each topic a page is provided, prompting the applicant to enter the correct values. After completing all pages, the request can be checked by the applicant and the digital application can be generated.  

Please note that once you have applied for a type approval through OTAS, all following applications of this type approval should be submitted through OTAS as well to prevent gaps in the series of extensions.

User guide

To make sure that our clients benefit the most of all the functionality that ACT provides we have created a user guide. In this guide we give a basic description about ACT, but also some very useful tips that can help our clients save a lot of time creating their digital applications. We highly recommend that our clients read the User Guide before starting using ACT. ACT can be found here: You can download the ACT User Guide.

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