Start a recall

Is there a recurring problem with a type of vehicle you have produced? And does this pose a serious risk? As a manufacturer or distributor, you are obliged to report this to us. You also have to inform the consumer, recall vehicles and have them repaired. You can arrange for the recall online via a certificate.
    • You are obliged to organise a recall if the following occurs:
    • The problem occurs multiple times concerning a vehicle type, not just an individual vehicle.
    • The problem poses a serious risk.
    • After determining the issue, you should notify us as soon as possible and initiate the recall.
    • Recalls are organised online. You need a certificate from us to organise this. This certificate allows you to log in to My recalls and arrange and view matters online.
    • Is this your first recall and you don't have a certificate yet? Follow the steps under 'This is how it works'.
    1. Click on 'Start first recall' and fill in your details.
    2. After your report, 1 of our inspectors will contact you within 5 working days. We will complete the recall, together with you. After completion we will publish it in the recall register.
    3. A certificate gives you access to our online portal My recalls. In this portal, you provide the worldwide VIN status list with all affected vehicles with every recall.
    4. You inform the consumer about the problem, danger and the measures you take.
    5. To inform the consumer, you can request up-to-date personal data from us via 'My recalls'. This is a paid service. It is only available after the recall has been published. After you filed your request, you will receive a collective invoice by email the following month.
    6. After a vehicle has been repaired, you report this via 'My Recalls'. To do this, upload an up-to-date VIN status list at least once a month, containing the status of all vehicles involved. The following night, the status per vehicle will be updated in the vehicle registration register.
    7. From now on, you can organise your recalls via 'My recalls'. You will find pending recalls and download status reports there.
  • Description Cost
    Request personal data for recall €575,00
    Repeat request for personal data for recall €290,00

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