Testing and certification

Testing your vehicle or vehicle component? You can have it tested by the RDW technical service or another designated technical service.
  • Do you want to apply for type approval of your product? And is your company not approved yet? This is possible. Please note that without the proof of Conformity of Production you cannot obtain type approval.
  • To have your product tested please follow these steps:

    1. Contact a designated technical service or the RDW technical service.
    2. The technical service will make arrangements to perform the tests.
    3. The technical service will submit the test results and corresponding certificates to us.
    4. We will review the test results. The technical service will inform you.
  • Depending on your needs, we can guide you through the entire approval procedure. We will perform tests at the RDW test center. We can also supervise tests at your site or in third-party testing laboratories. To apply please follow these steps:

    • Click on ‘Apply for RDW test procedure’ and check the top right box for new customer.
    • Enter your information and your requirements. Click ‘Send’.
    • We will mail our response within 2 weeks. This will include information about the continuation of the procedure.


    The cost of having your product tested at the RDW consists of 3 parts:

    • Conducting the test and preparation of the test report based on the technical hourly rate.
    • Administrative costs based on the administrative hourly rate.
    • A surcharge for the use of facilities, if applicable based on the relevant hourly rate.

    View the Dutch Staatscourant for current rates.

    • We have some 30 designated technical services that can test your product.
    •  To apply for a test, contact one of these technical services.
    • The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and European Union (EU) websites provide lists of technical services for each EU member state.
  • After conducting the tests, the technical service will send the test report to us. We review all documents. We will publish the current lead time for certificates by product type each week. The technical service will inform you as soon as they have received the certificate.

    Current lead time as of December 4

    Due to different circumstances the standard lead-time currently cannot be guaranteed. For this reason we ask you to take into account that the lead-time could be a few days more than you usually would expect. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Component Lead time certificates
    Tyres 7 days
    Lightsystems 7 days
    Mirror/glass 7  days
    Passive safety 7 days
    EMC/electrical device 14 days
    Emissions (component) 27 days
    Heat/cleaning/flam./brake 14 days
    Coupling/protection 14 days
    Noise 14 days
    LPG/CNG/H2 14 days
    WVTA/systems Lead time certificates
    WVTA/systems M1/N1/L/O1-2 21 days
    WVTA/systems M2-M3/N2-N3/T/O3-O4 17 days
    Car en IT 20 days

    For technical services

    In either case, you will need a customer number.


    Description Rate 2023 Rate 2024
    Simple file check for new application €651,00 €747,00
    Simple file check application for extension or adjustment €326,00 €374,00
    Complex file check for new application €1302,00 €1495,00
    Complex file check application for extension or adjustment €651,00 €747,00
    New certificate €360,00 €413,00
    New certificate cybersecurity €2311,00 €2653,00
    New certificate software updates €1156,00 €1327,00
    New certificate lightsystems €111,00 €127,00
    Extension or adjustment certificate €287,00 €329,00
    Extension or adjustment certificate cybersecurity €1842,00 €2115,00
    Extension or adjustment certificate software updates €921,00 €1057,00
    Extension or adjustment European individual approval certificate €360,00 €413,00

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