RDW test centre

The RDW testcentre is an independent test laboratory for vehicle technology that offers a unique combination of services and products under one roof. State-of-the-art tests can be conducted at the testcentre. The testcentre meets strict requirements, and tests can be conducted here in accordance with a wide range of regulations.

RDW test centre Lelystad

Address and opening hours

RDW Testcentre
Talingweg 76
8218 NX Lelystad
Tel.: +31 (0)320 288 585

The RDW Testcentre is located 15 kilometres south-east of Lelystad, close to Lelystad Airport.

The RDW Testcentre is open all year round on working days from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. If necessary, you can also conduct your test assignment or study outside these opening hours or even at night.

The Testcentre’s services

The following tests are carried out under accreditation 17025:

  1. Sound measurements
  2. Braking system test (and ABS AEBS fading energy sources and parking brake)
  3. Steering equipment test including energy sources and Advanced Driver Assistance
  4. Exerting force on a vehicle structure (component)
  5. Tyre traction on wet road surface
  6. Tyre rolling resistance
  7. Determination of field of vision
  8. Functionality of (electric) vehicle systems
  9. Presence and installation of vehicle parts on vehicle (structure)

Test facilities at the RDW Testcentre

  • Sloping racetrack
  • Measuring surface
  • Longitudinal diagonal
  • Sound measuring surface
  • Ramps
  • High-friction track
  • Low-friction track
  • Dynamic measuring surface
  • Aquaplaning track

Central testing hall

Includes all the facilities required for static tests, such as torsional stiffness, fatigue strength, performance measurement, braking force, resonance tests.


Standalone lockable workplaces are available for homologation tests and for research projects being carried out by vehicle design engineers.

National and international certificates

At the RDW Testcentre, you are at the right place to inspect vehicles or vehicle components (or have them inspected) but also for the issue of all national and/or international approval certificates (EU and ECE).

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