You lost your registration card

Have you lost your registration card for your car or has it been stolen or damaged? Then apply for a new registration card. You will also need a new registration card if you lost part of the paper registration certificate (for example your transfer certificate). Is the registration number registered to your company? Then you can also apply for a new registration card here. 
  • You can only apply for a new registration card in the following situations:

    • The vehicle is registered to you or to your company. 


    • You have authorised someone else to do the application on your behalf.

    Apply for several new registration cards

    Does your company have several registration cards registered to the company and do you need replacement registration cards? With a RDW certificate you can apply for several registration cards at once. 

    Only lost the registration code

    Have you only lost (part of) your registration code? Then go to ‘You have lost the registration code’.

    1. Make sure to have the reporting code on hand. The reporting code consists of the last 4 digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN). 
    2. You can apply for a registration card by clicking the button ‘Apply for a registration card' (only available in Dutch). Then select ‘Kentekencard met tenaamstellingscode aanvragen’ (apply for registration card with registration code). You pay the fees via iDEAL.
    3. We will send you a new registration card and automatically also a registration code. We always send the vehicle registration card and a letter with the code to the address where the registered owner/holder of the vehicle is registered with the municipality.
    4. After you received the new registration card, shred the old paper registration parts that you may still have. These are no longer valid. Did you already have a registration card for the vehicle? Then throw away the 'old' registration code. This code is no longer valid.
  • You pay the fees for the new registration card and the corresponding registration code via iDeal.

    Description Cost
    New registration card and registration code €37,90

    You found your old registration card

    Have you applied for a new registration card and found your old card again? Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the application and get a refund.
  • In this diagram you can see when you will receive your registration card and registration code. We will send the registration code 1 working day later than the vehicle registration card.

    Application Registration card received Registration code received
    Monday to Friday before 8 p.m. Within 2 working days Within 3 working days
    Monday to Thursday after 8 p.m Within 3 working days Within 4 working days
    Friday after 8 p.m. and on weekends Wednesday Thursday 
  • You have not received the new registration card after 5 working days? You can report this to us via a form. We will then send you the documents. Only the registered owner/holder may fill in the form.

    Has it been more than 3 months since you applied for the registration card and are you (only) letting us know now? You must apply again.

  • Are you unable to apply for the new registration card online or is the vehicle not registered in your name? Please contact our customer service.

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