October 2018

RDW is very proud to announce that OTAS is operational as of October 1st! As first type-approval Authority in the world of homologation, RDW now offers a fully digital application package instead of the traditional pdf. This seemingly small practical change is in fact a big step in the transition from unprocessable (pdf) information to processable data. This principle change offers many opportunities, mutual benefits and is future focussed. Our clients have been sending R30 applications by xml since the formal start date of OTAS. Now that formal type-approval documents are actually delivered by OTAS the inspectors are continually monitoring the results before the documents are returned to the applicant. The very first type-approval based on an xml was issued on October 1st, a reason to celebrate for our development team!We would like to thank you for your patience and your collaboration, which make this big step possible. The upcoming months we will work on updates which will optimize the process even further. Through newsflashes like this we will continue to inform you about new steps. Check the latest OTAS news regularly to make sure you have the latest information. 

August / September 2018

At the end of July we finished building the part of OTAS that is able to handle extensions, revisions, corrections and construction variants. Currently we are testing different scenarios to confirm that the system is working as intended. There are still a couple of minor issues we need to address but we are proud to announce that OTAS will be operational on the 1st of October 2018.

June / July 2018

When we first started developing OTAS to apply for R30 type-approvals our focus was mainly on applications for new R30 certificates. During the development we realized that it would be impractical to start of with only the possibility to apply for new type-approvals. That is why we have been working on a service through which they can apply for all variations possible. This means OTAS will be able to handle extensions, revisions, corrections and even construction variants.