Documents not received

You can use this form to specify which  documents you have not received from the RDW.

By completing this form, you accept that the RDW may use the completed details for further correspondence about this application. 

NB: do not use this form within 5 working days of making your application-request. The RDW requires a number of days to process your application-request and send the (new)  documents. If you still have not received anything after 5 working days, you can send this form to the RDW.

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Fill in this field only if you have not provided a registration number above. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also known as the chassis number or frame number (in the case of motorcycles), is stamped on the chassis or frame of your vehicle. The location of this number may vary depending on the vehicle. Contact your dealer or importer if you need help with this.
The report code consists of the last four digits of the VIN (also knows as chassis number)

Documents not received

  • The full registration number allocation code consists of 9 digits.

  • The first part of the registration number allocation code consists of 4 digits.

  • The second part of the registration number allocation code consists of 5 digits.

  • If you choose "Other", please specify the outstanding documents in the 'Comments' field below

    Files to be attached must not be larger than 20 MB and will not be sent if they are larger.