Annual prospect 2021

With this Annual prospect, RDW would like to give you an insight on what is coming in 2021. RDW wishes to keep you informed on the activities and developments that may impact your business operations and services.


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and lockdown we are more aware of the importance regarding sustainable mobility, digital access and secure IT. The measures and approach to tackle the coronavirus also have had an impact on RDW in regard to our finances and our services. We have managed to continue with our adapted agenda. Even though the coronavirus has delayed some developments, it has accelerated others. RDW is highly aware of the risks that might have been taken because of rapid modifications due to the coronavirus which involve our business operations and services. RDW will evaluate at a later date.

Safety, sustainability, legal certainty in mobility

In the coming period, RDW will continue to contribute to safety, sustainability, legal certainty in mobility and safe and reliable travel with vehicles that are also clean, economical and quiet. We will do this by applying the new framework regulation for type-approval and market regulation and by guaranteeing privacy and cybersecurity as undiminished priorities. Other examples include the registration of agricultural and construction vehicles and forestry vehicles regarding the PTI obligation or the registration of drone operators and the related provision of information.

Strategic ambitions 

Looking ahead, we expect that mobility will continue to develop at the same speed as it is currently doing. RDW is in this case the national vehicle authority. We are involved from the drawing board to the disassembly of a vehicle. RDW is currently exploring the strategic ambitions towards 2025, which we do in collaboration with you, our partners. However, this will also happen in an international context. In 2021, RDW will host the annual conference of the European Association of Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg).

In our Annual prospect 2021 (pdf, 2mb) we described the following developments: