International cooperation is vital

RDW continues to focus on a good international position for the Netherlands. RDW is currently the chairman and secretary of the European Association of Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg), which is a non-profit international association. 

International data exchange

Various subjects are being addressed, such as the exchange of technical (COC)data, re-registration of vehicles, harmonisation of registration processes, data quality, mobile driving licences and the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on international data exchange. RDW can influence European legislation and regulations via EReg. EReg has also established partnerships with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and Austroads, the Australian umbrella organisation of registration authorities. RDW also has a seat on the CITA executive board and cooperates at international level, for example with umbrella organisations such as CIECA (International Commission for Driver Testing).


EUCARIS is a system that allows the European vehicle and driving licence registration authorities to exchange data with each other. Examples of exchanging data can refer to the import and export of vehicles, the conversion of driving licences and enforcement relating to traffic offences. EUCARIS has now become the leading data exchange platform in Europe for mobility-related data and is used by more than 30 countries. RDW also plays an important role here: we provide the EUCARIS chairman, manage the EUCARIS secretariat and develop and manage the IT. RDW also supports and represents the use of the system throughout Europe.

Participation in international forums

RDW participates in international forums at the European Commission and at UNECE in Geneva concerning the formation, harmonisation and maintenance of regulations and requirements regarding vehicle licensing, the transport of hazardous substances and transport of perishable goods.