Closure of testing stations due to preventive measures

We aim to ensure that the above-mentioned key tests and other services continue as far as possible.  For instance, the PTI random tests will continue. PTI random test inspectors also work at the RDW testing stations. We have changed this and this will no longer happen for the time being. We have also been working in shifts since 16 March, with employees working one week on and one week off. This means that should someone be infected with the coronavirus, we have a group of employees ready to take over the work at the relevant testing station. Everything is geared towards ensuring that key inspections can continue. 

Preventive policy

In accordance with RIVM guidelines, RDW is asking employees to take preventive measures by staying at home and not coming to work if they have minor symptoms of a cold. This applies to employees at all locations. Since the start of this week, this preventive policy has led to many administrative staff at the RDW testing stations not being able to come to the testing stations to work. These employees are now doing other work at home. 

Key services

This had a direct effect on our service continuity. RDW has therefore decided to keep 9 of the 16 testing stations open for key services. To enable this, 4,000 tests were rescheduled manually this week. We estimate that these measures will ensure that we will be able to offer key services for as long as possible.

What next?  

The situation at the 9 open testing stations is stable and the key services appear to have been safeguarded. This has created space to look at other options. For instance, we are seeking a solution for imported vehicles that currently cannot be registered. We will take the government measures and risks into consideration in deciding on a solution. The options will be identified this week and next week. How realistic the options are depends on the outcomes and of course the developments in the country. After all, the situation changes from day to day.