Compulsory facemasks for RDW visits

In response to the rising number of coronavirus infections, RDW has decided to also make the wearing of a facemask compulsory for visits by RDW employees from 28 October. Wearing a facemask was already compulsory at RDW testing stations. From 28 October, this will also apply to sites visited by RDW employees to carry out work, such as random vehicle checks, testing at home and MOTs.

Facemasks for RDW visits

Employees at companies visited by an RDW employee for a random vehicle check or other (inspection) visit and who come into direct contact with that employee must wear a facemask. We are taking this measure because we want our employees to be able to carry out their work safely. Our employees are also required to wear facemasks. Read more about this obligation and the required cooperation in the Document Compulsory Facemasks letter. (pdf, 180kb)

Facemasks at RDW inspection and testing stations

Facemasks must also be worn when you visit RDW inspection and testing stations. Our employees are also required to wear facemasks. Furthermore, it is vital that you follow instructions on site carefully.

Safety at inspection and testing stations

To guarantee the safety of our customers and employees, the guidelines of the (Dutch) National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) apply at all RDW inspection and testing stations. It is also strongly recommended that customers:   

  • only visit an inspection station by appointment;
  • come alone;
  • take account of existing agreements;
  • follow the instructions of RDW employees.


Our services currently remain unchanged. Please check our coronavirus page for the latest news and measures. There is also a page showing RDW’s revised services in response to coronavirus. Here you can see which services cannot be provided by our inspection stations at this time.

More information

Instructions for wearing facemasks are available on the deze link opent in een nieuw venster central government's website.