Current services at our testing stations

From 5 May we will be making further changes in the services of the RDW testing stations.

Changes in temporary coronavirus import procedure for RDW accreditation holders 

The temporary import procedure will remain in force for a specific group of vehicles. These applications are first submitted digitally to the RDW. From now on, applications will no longer take place via the web form only. You can now also submit applications for certain vehicles via the Accelerated Individual Application (VIA) procedure. This service will be expanded in the coming period and will replace the web forms in a phased and definitive manner. Private individuals can still complete the import procedure only via an RDW accreditation holder.

Submitting applications and planning agreements

You will be informed of the working method for the VIA by your local RDW testing station if you already have access to the VIA service. If you are not yet familiar with VIA, this website will explain how you can apply for this service. If you submit a VIA application for a vehicle, you will receive a message from the RDW after assessment. If a physical assessment is also necessary, you cannot make an appointment until you have received this message. Please note: you will be assisted at the testing station only if you have written permission to make an appointment. We cannot be of service to you without the aforementioned appointment.

Service overview

An overview of the services that are available at the opened testing stations from 5 May: 

Appointments can be made for crucial services for:

  • Regular inspections of buses and vehicles requiring certification according to the European Agreement of 30 September 1957 concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR);
  • Individual approvals of new light commercial vehicles (regardless of the maximum mass) and trailers (maximum mass >3500 kg including trailers);
  • First registration of light commercial vehicles and trailers with a maximum mass of >3500 kg with a Certificate of Conformity (COC)/Individual Approval Certificate (IGC);
  • Inspections for transport of livestock, airmobile special vehicles (LZV) and taxis;
  • Inspections for (agricultural) vehicles including conversions of light commercial vehicles.

Appointments for inspections can be made for:

  • Light commercial vehicles, regardless of the maximum mass;
  • Trailers, regardless of the maximum mass.

Appointments for import inspections can be made for:

  • Light commercial vehicles with a maximum mass of >3500 kg;
  • Trailers with a maximum mass of >3500 kg.

Appointments for inspections of Dutch-registered vehicles can be made for: 

  • Passenger cars prohibited from driving on the roads (not in connection with damage) and damage inspections;
  • Light commercial vehicles with a maximum mass of <= 3500 kg (not in connection with damage) and damage inspections.

Opening of testing stations and other services

The following four testing stations will open again on 11 May: Roosendaal, Waddinxveen, Nieuwegein and Almelo. In this way, we expect to reduce the waiting times that have arisen. We hope to be able to open the last 3 testing stations on 18 May. With this step, we expect to be able to offer all other inspections again (via a temporary procedure or otherwise).

Please note: the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) remain leading at all RDW testing stations. Come to the testing station only if you have an appointment, one person only, keep to the applicable agreements and follow the instructions of the RDW staff for your and our safety. 

Lead time and expectations

Our waiting times may be longer than you are used to as a result of the closure of the testing stations and the reduced supply of RDW testing services. At present, we cannot yet give any clarity about the lead time for your application, as you could normally expect of us. We appreciate your understanding for the present situation. We are doing everything we can to be of service to you again as soon as possible.