• You could in principle go to a PostNL vehicle registration point (‘kentekenpunt’). It is advisable to first check that it is actually open. You can do that on the PostNL website: www.postnl.nl/locatiewijzer.
  • You could also go to a Kentekenloket vehicle registration desk. To find your nearest branch, go to www.kentekenloket.nl. \
  • You can also perform the transfer yourself electronically. You do that by navigating to the Transfer Vehicle Registration (‘Kenteken overschrijven’) page. For suspensions, go to the Request Online Suspension (‘Schorsing online aanvragen’) page.

Please note

Do not go to an RDW inspection station as the service desks there do not deal with transfers and suspensions. In addition, car dealerships do not transfer registration licenses between individuals, even if they have RDW certification.