Import of heavy vehicles and damage inspections to restart from 28 April

From 28 April, RDW will restart the import inspections for heavy commercial vehicles and heavy trailers. RDW is also restarting inspection of Dutch registered passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles that have, following damage, received a ‘prohibited from driving on the road’ status and have been repaired. It is now also again possible to book appointments.

Standard process

From Tuesday 28 April, RDW will be resuming the following inspections according to the standard process as this was prior to the coronavirus crisis.

  • Damage inspections for Dutch-registered passenger vehicles (M1) and light commercial vehicles (N1) that are prohibited from driving on the road.
  • Import inspections of heavy commercial vehicles (N2, N3) and heavy trailers (O3, O4) that were previously registered in an EU or ECA country.

You can  deze link opent in een nieuw venster schedule an appointment for this on our website.

Temporary import procedure

The temporary coronavirus procedure for importing passenger cars (M1), light commercial vehicles (N1, N2, 3,500 kg), two and three-wheeler motorbikes (L1e to L7e) will continue unchanged for the time being. It is currently not yet clear when RDW will be able to offer import inspections directly to private individuals. For private individuals it is, however, possible to import a vehicle via an RDW accreditation holder. The accreditation holder must have a company stock card, which you can recognise from the sticker on the wall of the building. The accreditation holder is then authorised to arrange an import procedure for a private individual. The vehicle will be registered in the name of the private individual via the temporary import procedure. The accreditation holder remains responsible for the imported vehicle, even when doing this for a private individual. These vehicles may be recalled for random testing, which you should take this into account.

We are doing our best to ensure that the service can run via the standard process again as quickly as possible. More information is available on the temporary import procedure page.

Open testing stations

Due to the measures taken by RDW to protect customers and employees and to guarantee the key services, 9 of the 16 testingstations are now open. This will remain unchanged for the time being. The guidelines prescribed by the RIVM apply at the testing stations. It is important that you and our employees adhere to these agreements. We urgently request that you only visit the centres if you have an appointment and only visit with one person.

Latest information

As well as the key services, RDW aims to have the other services operational again as quickly as possible. However, should it prove necessary to limit the services again, we will do this. For the latest information on our services, please keep checking the website. You can find an overview of frequently asked questions here.