Limited inspections

The range of inspections available at RDW testing stations has been limited since 17 March. We have used the national government guidelines to determine which inspections are urgent for the Netherlands at our 16 testing stations. The transport sector is very much needed at this time, so this has been labelled as a key sector. RDW is also carrying out periodic tests every day for buses and vehicles that transport hazardous substances. The licencing of new lorries for use on the road and inspections of vehicles for the transport of live animals also fall under key services. 

Administrative services export and transfers

Administrative services for export and transfers have been suspended with immediate effect. This means that you cannot use these services at the testing stations until further notice. You can, however, contact RDW-accredited companies and the RDW desks in Zoetermeer and Veendam. These are open.

Key inspections

The range of inspections has been reduced to those that are crucial for the Netherlands. The following are designated as key inspections:

  • periodic inspections of buses and vehicles transporting hazardous substances together with the initial registration of commercial vehicles (light and heavy),
  • inspections for the transport of live animals,
  • LRV (slow-moving vehicles such as agricultural vehicles),
  • Longer and heavier truck combinations (LZV)
  • and taxi inspections.

The services are centralised in 9 locations:

  • Groningen, 
  • Zwolle,
  • Arnhem,
  • Amsterdam,
  • Schiedam,
  • Zwijndrecht,
  • Rijen,
  • Veldhoven and
  • Elsloo.

The other testing stations are temporarily closed.

How long will the measures last?

These measures apply until further notice. As soon as it becomes clear when we can return to normal service, it will be possible to make appointments again. We will try to inform our customers of this in time. Thank you for your understanding of this situation.