Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management adopts RDW advice screens inside passenger cars

The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) has studied the safety of screens inside passenger cars at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Upon receiving the advice and the RDW risk analysis, the Ministry has made a decision on installing screens in passenger cars and commercial cars.


The RDW advice has been adopted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works. On the basis of the advice concerning screens in vehicles, the Ministry has made the following decisions:

  • Installing screens lengthwise between the driver and the driver’s mate is prohibited for road safety risks.
  • installing screens crosswise between rows of seats is allowed, provided that various safety measures are complied with.

These safety measures are the following:

  • The proper functioning of safety systems, such as safety-belts and airbags, is not to be obstructed. 
  • Sight is not to be impeded by glare, distorting effects, or inadequate demisting capabilities. 
  • It has to remain possible to leave the car quickly. 
  • The screen material is not to cause physical injury in the event of a collision (e.g. by fragments of the shattered screen; polycarbonate and similar materials do not shatter or only with difficulty).
  • The screens should be fixed well and are not to rest on the seat loosely. Removing the screens has to be easy.

Screens in buses

The RDW has received a separate commission from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management with respect to screens in buses. Its advice to the Ministry followed in late June.

Legal framework

The RDW has assessed whether the placement of screens inside a vehicle is in conformity with international regulations. After rendering our advice, we were asked to think along on drawing up regulations for screens. There will be a national legal framework, stipulating how screens can be used in new and existing vehicles in a way that does not impede road safety.

RIVM guidelines and RDW advice

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has published new guidelines for contact professions. The use of screens in vehicles does not form part of the RIVM guidelines. The RDW is unable to form an opinion concerning the degree of protection against the coronavirus. In its advice, the RDW has only assessed the vehicle safety of the screens.

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