PTI periods remain valid in the Netherlands

The EU has made it temporarily possible for member states to extend the period within which the PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection) has to take place, on account of the corona situation. The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management has decided that the Netherlands will not use this possibility and will maintain the current PTI periods.

She has informed the Lower House of Parliament of her decision by deze link opent in een nieuw venster letter. Countries are entitled to deviate from this regulation, if their PTI services are not disrupted by corona or if they have taken other measures.


To safeguard road safety, the PTI obligation remains applicable in the Netherlands. The PTI inspections at accredited garage businesses as well as the random tests by the RDW will continue. Garage businesses follow a collective protocol on the basis of the RIVM guidelines and have taken various measures to conduct inspections safely, including collecting and returning vehicles.  


Key workers or people stranded abroad due to corona for whom it is impossible to have the PTI conducted, can contact the RDW. We will try to find an adequate solution in mutual consultation.  

More information

More information on the measures by the RDW is provided in the Corona file on the website. The frequently asked questions, including questions about the PTI, are also provided on the website.