RDW requests prospective and current accreditation holders to only send documents by e-mail

Update 24 March 2020: We request that our future and current accreditation holders only send documents to RDW by e-mail for the time being. For your and our safety, we are aiming to process as much business as possible digitally instead of by post or at an RDW location.

Types of documents

This concerns documents that are requested as a result of:

  • applications for accreditation and/or authorities; a retention letter;
  • requests to terminate an accreditation and/or authority;
  • damaged trader licence plates or company stock cards. You can e-mail a photo of these. terminated or lost licence plate, for which you need to send your trader licence plates and company stock cards to RDW. You can destroy these trader licence plates and company stock cards yourself (by cutting these). You should then e-mail a photo of this to RDW, ensuring that the trader licence plate number, company number or company stock number is clearly legible.

You can use the [email protected] e-mail address for this. Mention your company number and/or work order number in the e-mail. Our thanks in advance.