Remote testing and surveillance during Corona

During the worldwide travel restrictions, it is not possible for RDW inspectors or Test Engineers to visit manufacturers. In collaboration with chain partners, the RDW has looked into new options for supervising manufacturers and remote testing for vehicles and vehicle parts.

Remote testing during Corona

RDW has close corporation with designated technical services and, they take care that the manufacturers can apply for a type approval. The technical services tests the vehicle and vehicle parts according to the applicable regulation. Because of this the safety and sustainability of vehicles and vehicle parts is guaranteed.

Temporary solution

During the worldwide travel restrictions, it is not possible for the Test Engineer from the technical service to witness- or to perform a test. The consequences are enormous for the manufacturer because he cannot introduce his new developed products on the market. RDW has made an agreement with several technical services and her own technical service for “remote testing”. The base is the ISO 17020/17025 standard. The performance of this remote testing will use a livestream and is documented in procedures. With this temporary solution, we have created a way to support the manufacturers. As soon as we are able to travel again, we will audit the technical service. The purpose of this is to verify that the procedures have been applied correctly.

Visiting manufacturers

In addition to remote testing, there are steps in the process that cannot be reviewed or tested remotely. The RDW has made the decision to visit a few manufacturers in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to do this worldwide, which is why the RDW is still limited to countries that can be reached by car. In addition, it also depends on travel restrictions and on-site measures.

The continuous verification of conformity of production

The RDW supervises the manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle parts for which a type approval (E4/e4) has been issued. Supervision means, among other things, to continue to check that the conformity of production (Conformity of Production, CoP for short) is guaranteed, so that the products still meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Due to travel restrictions on all continents, visiting manufacturers by a RDW inspector is practically impossible. The department ‘Designation and Surveillance’ has provisionally switched to administrative verification to check the conformity of production. Documents are requested and are assessed by our inspectors. The manufacturer's compliance statement will be extended if the results are correct.

In China, normal life is getting back on track and traveling is possible again. A bright spot that inspires confidence in the future. There is also a close collaboration with the so-called designated audit partners in China, India and Taiwan. After a selection of manufacturers, based on risk, the audit partners can start with several audits.