Reopening RDW testing stations and restart services

All RDW testing stations reopened on Monday, 18 May, with the exception of the Heerenveen testing station. Its renovation completed, Heerenveen will reopen on 22 May. With the reopening of all testing stations, RDW expands its services, for instance with physical inspections at our testing stations.

Importing for private individuals

As from 18 May, private individuals can make an appointment for all RDW services. Private individuals can make  deze link opent in een nieuw venster an appointment online for importing their vehicle.

Make your appointment

As from Thursday 14 May, deze link opent in een nieuw venster appointments can be made online for all locations (including Heerenveen).

Services for certified manufacturers

For certified manufacturers the temporary coronavirus procedure continues to apply for the time being, so as to safeguard the 1.5-metre distance at the RDW testing stations. It is important that certified manufacturers do not make any appointments at the testing stations, but that they apply via the required web form or the Accelerated Individual Application (VIA). The RDW informs certified manufacturers about the VIA by e-mail and/or by letter. A supplementary test at an RDW location will follow in specific cases. In addition, RDW will conduct random tests to check vehicle quality. Certified manufacturers are not allowed to use an appointment at a testing station for import inspection purposes. 

Services via other (accredited) parties

The following three services are not provided at the RDW testing stations:

  • Exporting your car: for this service please contact RDW-accredited companies or the RDW desks in Zoetermeer and Veendam. 
  • PTI inspections of all vehicles (except buses and vehicles intended for carrying hazardous substances): these services are provided at the (regular) garage. 
  • Having a Dutch vehicle transferred using a Dutch ID card: this service is provided at a vehicle registration desk.

Application processing time and expectations

RDW has a practicable solution for all services. We expect there will be some start-up problems for us to solve, and we are not yet able to provide any clear details about the application processing time. We ask you for your understanding and do everything possible to be of service to you as soon as we can.

Safety at testing stations

For the safety of the customers and RDW employees the RIVM guidelines are decisive at all RDW testing stations. In addition, we ask our customers to comply with the following:

  • visit the testing station by appointment only;
  • please, come alone;
  • comply with the applicable regulations and
  • follow the instructions of RDW employees.