Sorning measures with retroactive effect to 6 March

Update 31 March: during the course of April, RDW will pay the costs for sorning from the sixth sorned vehicle to the owner/holder of these vehicles. This will be done with retroactive effect to 6 March, the day on which the first coronavirus measures were announced in the Netherlands. RDW will take the initiative for this itself.

Collector sorning scheme

As of 26 March, RDW has extended the collector sorning scheme to meet the needs of companies with a large stationary fleet. Due to the coronavirus, the collector scheme is open to all vehicles, irrespective of age. For now, this will apply to the period from 6 March to 26 June 2020. Sorning declarations that are requested in this period will continue afterwards, if desired. The collector scheme normally only applies to vehicles aged 15 years or older, and mopeds and low-performance mopeds with an initial licensing date of 31-08-2005 or older on the registration certificate. This scheme is now therefore temporarily available to all vehicles, irrespective of age. You currently only have to pay for the first 5 sorned vehicles. Sorning is free from the sixth vehicle.


By sorning a vehicle, you do not need to satisfy the vehicle obligations for a certain period (insurance, road tax and any PTI). After sorning a vehicle, the vehicle may no longer stand on the public road or be driven. It is possible to un-sorn a vehicle for free at any time.

Be aware of ending the sorning within 1 month

If you end the sorning within 1 month of the start of sorning, you will still need to pay road tax over the period in which the registration certificate was sorned. The Tax Office will then send you a revised tax assessment.