Start of temporary import procedure from 30 March

Update 27 March: Last week RDW started testing a temporary procedure with various accredited companies to enable vehicle registrations to restart. Vehicles from EU countries that have already been sold in the Netherlands will be the first to be eligible for this procedure. They will be issued with a Dutch registration certificate. This concerns vehicles with a European registration certificate and new, unused vehicles with a Certificate of Conformity (CVO).

Key services guaranteed

A week after closure of the first RDW testing station, space has become available to consider expansion of our services. In doing so, we focused on the most affected companies in the sector.

Test phase

In consultation with the sector, a procedure has been developed in which, for a temporary period, physical identification of vehicles is not necessary. This was tested over the past few days, and the solution appears to work. RDW will announce the application procedure on Monday morning.


The new procedure is intended only for RDW-accredited companies. The required documents must be supplied digitally and to a central point before being assessed by RDW testing station employees. At the end, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification that the RDW process is complete. A physical test will follow in specific cases. RDW may also conduct random tests later.

Application processing time and expectations

Usually, such a new procedure would need to be tested for several weeks or months. This is not possible now, for reasons of urgency. We are currently unable to offer the same clarity regarding your application’s processing time that you have come to expect from us. Please be patient if the initial applications do not run entirely smoothly. We are doing everything we can to provide your sold vehicle with a registration certificate as quickly as possible.