Temporary European measure driving licence validity

Due to the corona containment measures, it is not always possible to extend driving licences in time. This is why the European Commission has decided that expired EU driving licences temporarily have a longer validity.

As a result, people in Europe can continue to drive with an expired driving licence temporarily. The following conditions apply to the temporary measure: 

  • The driving licence expiry date is within the period from 1 February 2020 until and including 30 November 2020.
  • People whose driving licence or driving licence category expires in this period, can continue to drive in Europe with the expired driving licence for nine (9) months. The nine-month period starts on the expiry date of the driving licence. In this period, they will continue to be insured and will not receive a fine if they are stopped.
  • The measure applies to all EU member states and to driving in Europe. Non-EU driving licences are not covered by this measure. 
  • The measure applies to all driving licences, including driving licences with a validity of only one or three years for medical reasons. The Minister calls on people with this type of driving licence to think carefully if it is sensible to drive before their medical examination and the assessment of their driving ability have taken place.


The new measure does not apply to driving licences of which surrender has been demanded or which are suspended, for instance because of a serious traffic violation or drunken driving. The expired driving licence cannot be used for identification purposes, except in situations in which healthcare is received.